From the Community We Serve

We at Womxn's Work are a Black, womxn lead organization that prides itself on our strong values of community and togetherness. Combined, we have over 80 years of grassroots organizing in faith, labor, and social justice spaces with deep relationships with BIPOC community members locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

We Help Our Clients Put Social Equity into Practice by:

Engaging with the Community 

in a Real Way

Our Team of Grassroots Organizers help our clients build Authentic and Transparent relationships with the communities they plan to serve.

We are able to specify our outreach based on our target audience and use sound data to ensure those communities are being engaged with.

Conducting Scientific, Data-Driven Research

Our Research and Data Analysis Team uses a mixed methods approach to receive and analyze data captured in conjunction with the Grassroots Organizing Team.

We are specialized in Asking questions and receiving answers that give important context to the community and help our clients map their way forward in the most inclusive and equitable way.

Cultivating Next Steps Towards Equity and Inclusion

From our combined efforts, we produce a comprehensive set of viable recommendations that offer our clients additional insight as to how to achieve these goals.

These recommendations can ultimately streamline the process to equity and inclusion through strategic next steps, cultivated directly from the voices of the community.

What's Happening Now?

Seaport San Diego For All

Seaport San Diego for All is our outreach effort focused on promoting inclusion, access, belonging, wellness and justice in the coastal lands and public spaces at Seaport San Diego.

Our mission is to identify and address barriers that communities face in accessing parks, beaches, piers, bays and coastal regions.

Want to get involved? 

Or simply want to follow along in our process?