Seaport San Diego For All

Seaport San Diego For All is our community outreach effort dedicated to fostering inclusion, belonging, wellness and justice in the coastal lands and public spaces of Seaport San Diego. Powered by Womxn’s Work Consulting, this effort will identify barriers that communities have faced in accessing parks, beaches, piers and coastal areas in the past. 

We will elevate those experiences and cultivate innovative solutions that promote inclusion and equity within the new Seaport San Diego.

A Recap of our Listening Sessions

We hosted multiple listening sessions in key under represented areas around San Diego. Here, we were privledged to speak to members of the community about their experiences with the current Seaport village and other public spaces along the coast. Their voices were heard and will be amplified in our report to the developers of Seaport San Diego

We want to extend our deepest gratitude for all of our guests that shared their stories with us. We truly appreciated their participation in cultivating solutions to ensure that this new development is one that will serve ALL of our communities!

But, our work here is not yet complete! 

We still need your help!

We are asking for your support in this effort by participating in the following ways:

Complete a short survey with the link below! 

Filling out this short survey is crucial because it will directly inform the public access plan for the new Seaport San Diego. This communicates to the developers exactly what we want to see.

This survey is completely anonymous. 

We at Womxn's Work take your opinions very seriously and look forward to bringing your thoughts to the table!

Share with your friends and family in San Diego!

We need to spread this message as far and wide as we can to ensure the voices of our community have been fully represented and recognized! 

Also, Please head on over to our social media platforms to follow us for live updates on this process, also like comment and share to spread awareness!


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After our community outreach, data collection and analysis is completed, We will use the data to compile a comprehensive report of our findings. This will directly inform the Public access Plan for the newly revitalized Seaport San Diego.